*Company founded in 2002

* Specializing in the transportation of cars

30 trailers in the fleet of the company MB TRANSPORT



Mercedes, Volvo, Renault, Scania, Iveco, EURO 5 a EURO 6


Lohr, Kässbohrer, Rolfo


POLICY of the company MB TRANSPORT

The most important aim of the company MB TRANSPORT sro is expanding its services in the field of special transport – transport vehicles – become known, reliable, preferred partner and supplier of transport services for national and international customers in the automotive industry. To achieve the best possible results in meeting its goal of company harnesses the potential of their human and financial resources to make the most satisfy the needs and wishes of customers primarily in the area of service quality and delivery deadlines with a view to minimize negative impact on the environment. We strive to exceed the expectations of our customers overcome their commitments and focus on quality.

To meet the IS policy drawn up by the management company’s specific objectives, proposing their appointment and determine the person responsible for each objective. Management of the company MB TRANSPORT Ltd. requires all employees of corporate loyalty, respect for corporate culture and identification with the adopted policies and objectives of the IS.

In this sense it imposes on them:

  • follow established procedures within the IS
  • follow established procedures in compliance with the legislation and the laws of the Czech Republic
  • improve working processes in order to enhance the service provision
  • contact the customer at all times the rules established by management and contribute to building partnerships with customers
  • to prevent the disclosure of information that could harm the company

Top management encourages all employees to submit suggestions to improve the quality of services provided. These observations may contribute significantly to the development of the company and thus retroactively also to improve the conditions of work of each employee.

By adopting this strategy, the management undertakes:

  • constantly strive to improve the quality management system, environment and health and safety company in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001: 2004
  • meeting the requirements of the quality management system is our commitment to its implementation, we have to remember during all activities that are carried out in society.
  • given the above standards to increase the working capacity of staff to provide quality services,
  • maximally satisfy customers services that meet their high levels or exceeds their requirements,
  • permanent satisfaction of our customers quality services is the basis for success in this competitive and decisive factor for achieving prosperity
  • ensure continuous improvement and innovation services
  • inform customers about the newly introduced and developed technologies,
  • meet any applicable laws, regulations and requirements in terms of quality,
  • environmental and occupational health and safety,
  • strictly abide by safety regulations to minimize the formation of industrial accidents and occupational diseases,
  • regularly to train and practice to train employees while increasing their level towards emergency preparedness,
  • verify, process and implement in practice improvement proposals to colleagues, which could contribute to the improvement of working conditions and to streamline work processes
  • to respond to any stimuli collaborators
  • ensure that staff to provide services at a higher level than that of the competition
  • ensure minimum negative impacts in all company activities on the environment, particularly in the areas of air, soil, water and the countryside as a whole. All of our employees carry out their work with increased respect for the environment so as to maximally reduce possible negative impacts of these activities.
  • Company management undertakes an environmental management system to continuously improve support for specific environmental goals and programs. Specific measures in the company’s waste sorting, including for screening usable components (paper, plastic, glass) from waste similar to municipal waste and proper handling of hazardous substances.
  • consistently planned to improve the environmental profile of the company in developing their business,
  • inform employees as part of internal training and the general public about the effects of our company on the environment and willing to communicate with them,
    prevention of safety and health at work. We provide regular training for employees in OSH and environmental protection.


* GPS monitoring

* Services for maintenance and repair of trucks

* The company focuses on continuous upgrading of skills of employees in order to provide high quality services


* Administration of insurance contracts performed by OK Group as




* Since November 2014 the company MB Transport has been certified ISO 9001: 2008


* Since November 2014 the company MB Transport has been certified ISO 14001: 2004